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“So let’s not get tired

of doing what is good.

At just the right time

we will reap a harvest

of blessing if we

don’t give up.”

Galatians 6:9




  • Teaching classes / Bible studies

  • Meeting with inmates one-on-one to counsel them

  • Supplying the physical needs of inmates after release (food, clothing, shelter)

  • Mentoring former inmates after release  

  • Sending spiritual materials to inmates


If you have interest in serving in any of the above, feel free to Apply to Volunteer.

Prayer support is another way you can help.

Prayer keeps the ministry focused on Christ and not programs.

Remembering this ministry in your prayers is vital to our serving and accomplishing God's will.

Reflecting in the Meadow

"Fox Valley Jail Ministries has changed my life for the good. I was hopeless and confused about my future, but as I attended Bible studies, I began to see clearly, and that had a positive impact on myself, my children, other inmates, and the staff here at the jail.”

man reading bible park bench.jpg

“Without Fox Valley Jail Ministries, I fear for where I’d be in my life right now given my depression and unhealthy spirit when I got to jail. But my spirit is reinvigorated and my soul is well. I’m convinced my life is on the right path now; thanks be to God!”

Inspired Businessman

"When I got to jail, I was so submersed in depression, guilt, and hopelessness and was planning to end my life. But God brought me into the Fox Valley Jail Ministries’ classes and one-on-one care, and for the first time in 20 years I have hope for a better tomorrow!"

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